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Main Benefits Of The Product

Monthly Bonus

10% Commission,
​​​​​​​4 Levels Deep

Trading Reports

Real Mining and Trading

Trackable Mining Liks


- Up to 1% a daily (from Monday to Friday)
- 100% return and deposit 
   back after

- 10% commission, 4 levels deep (6,2,1%)
- Monthly bonus paid out from reserves

- Withdrawals once a week (each friday)
- Minimum deposit - 0.05 btc
- Minimum withdrawal -  0.01 btc

What's the best plan for you?

Mining and Traiding packege 

0.05 btc

• 40% of pack goes to trading pool 

• 45% to mining pool 

• 10% for commissions 

• 5% to go towards all costs

0.05 btc


40% lower risk, lower reward masternodes 

​​​​​​​​20% medium risk, medium reward masternodes

20% high risk, high reward masternodes

10% for commissions ​

• 10% for fees and costs​

1 btc

The profits from these ‘Founder Masternodes’ will be split equally between all 30 Founder Members as a bonus on a monthly basis.

Founder Masternodes

Founder member positions are available strictly on a ‘First come, First served’ basis and once all 30 positions are filled, no further positions will be available.

0.5 btc

• 45% to purchase Alt Coins 

• 45% Daily Trading

• 10% for commissions 
Purchases Open on
​​​​​​​15-6-2018  and  Close on 27-8-2018

Trading Founder


Crypto Destiny aims to right the wrongs that have been made by many operators in this industry.

It is our mission to provide an

opportunity like no other.

We will provide a clear and transparent platform where you can see exactly how your bitcoin is working for you every day. 

Crypto Destiny will also be the first fully open and transparent cryptocurrency mining, trading and masternode staking platform in the world.